The items I make, you will not see them around town. If you want something no one else has – here is your opportunity! The same ADHD that allows me to create such great items, also gets super bored with the same style over and over. Sometimes I make 10 of the same, but usually it’s 1… or 5. (Except a handful of accessories, I tend to hyper focus on those and make, maybe, 20 max). Some of the items I post, there will only ever be one of them.

Prices may vary on the same style bag. This is because I take into account the cost of supplies and then add my hourly wage. I try my best to source quality supplies at the lowest cost possible. Most of my vinyl is bought from other small shops and at a premium. Sample or flawed items will be specified and discounted accordingly. Please remember, I am one person and am not a sweatshop. If you want a Walmart priced bag, please go to Walmart.

Items will be shipped within 3 days of sale. Buyer pays shipping and handling. All domestic items come with tracking. (I’m still trying to figure out how to track international)

Due to the nature of my items, I do not accept returns or exchanges. If you’re unhappy, please contact me and we can discuss further options. I check every item before shipping. I verify all zippers, straps and snaps work. I also take video of every item before I send, for personal reference. I am not responsible for damage from USPS. If this happens, please contact them.

All vinyl & leather items are sewn on a TechSew leather cylinder arm industrial sewing machine using either Tex 80 bonded nylon (or bonded polyester) thread. Heavy duty thread will not easily break, think of fishing line. I sew an extra row of stitching on all seams for reinforcement. High stress points are always reinforced and, when appropriate, riveted. Inside waterproof lining is sewn on a Juki 8700 industrial sewing machine using Tex 45 heavy weight bonded poly or nylon thread. I use medium to heavy weight hardware – depending on the item.

I take great pride in the work that I do. This is my hobby. I have a family and like to sew in my spare time as a creative outlet. I’ve found that creating these little works of art help my mental health. I source quality leathers, vinyl, fabrics and hardware from all over the world. I have been sewing for over 30 years.

All items made in the USA with domestic and imported materials.